When Impressions Matter


Fundraisers, Trade Shows, Award Ceremonies, Shareholders Meetings, Seminars, Holiday Parties, Political Events

Searles Castle caters to many different corporate functions of various sizes, with numerous rooms in and around the castle.

The next time you want to host an event, whether it is for your customers or business partners, show them that you mean business. As they roll up to the gate, have their breaths taken away by the sheer marvel that of Searles Castle.

A multi-functional building with the privacy that you need for your corporate event, Searles Castle at Windham, NH can accommodate 8 to 250 guests and is perfect for a one-day, off-site meeting, training, board/sales meetings, continuing education, or seminar where your company can build in a little fun along with business.

“Our customers were so impressed. They had never been to a castle, not to mention, attending a meeting in one. They were so delighted with the experience that they took a moment to express their appreciation. Thank you Searles Castle Staff for help making it happen!”

-John Smith

No matter the time of day, Searles Castle wows your guests. But it’s not always about business. Go ahead and indulge.

What a better way to display gratitude to hard working colleagues than hosting a royal festivity at a Castle? Whether boosting morale or showing appreciation, there is no better way to say thank you than saying it at Searles Castle.

The Castle ambiance lends more than just scenery. Summer offers the Courtyard, and winter provides relaxation by the fireplace great when the occasion calls for more relaxation.

The Castle grounds lend themselves to walks during breaks and at mealtime. Our guests have the privacy that one might not enjoy at a hotel,  making it possible for an informal meeting or training session to move outside during inviting weather. 

“We had so much fun. We brought our staff to Searles Castle for team building. What we left with was a new sense of family. When you are at a special venue, spending quality time, every moment becomes heart-to-heart.”

-Anna Goldschlum


Indoors, seminars or conferences may be held in quiet rooms equipped with viewing screens, easels and white-boards for presentation needs. Audio/visual equipment is available upon request. Fees are based on the type of equipment and number of days required.

Work hard. Eat well. Searles Castle works with top chefs to ensure there’s plenty to reminisce.

However, the staff is happy to tailor a menu for specific needs.
We can accommodate meetings and presentations of all kinds. Think about us for:

  • Employee/Customer Appreciation
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Board Meetings
  • Seminars or Workshops
  • Training Sessions
  • Sales Meetings
  • Trade Shows
  • Company Parties
  • Holiday Celebration

“Everyone thought Searles Castle was the perfect setting, but what surprised us even more was the dinner. My assistant kept this pleasant secret from us. We were blown away! Thank you for making a special night… perfect.”

-Jim DeWalt, Jr.

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