I couldn’t recommend Searles Castle at NHC Events more. Kyle was incredible and so was the staff. Kyle is organized and professional. Kyle was on top of everything. He left no stone unturned. Even when I was very sick Kyle and his staff were second to none. Ethan, was incredible. The castle is stunning. The food was delicious, I know from our tastings and from all of guests reviews. The professionalism shown throughout the entire process was empecable. Out guests had the time of their lives and were blown away by the attention to even the smallest details and how beautiful the venue was. We were told it was one of the most gorgeous weddings our guests had been to. Kyle coordinated with all the vendors so we knew everything would go smoothly. Kyle extended the night. I started feeling better with five minutes left of our night and he extended it for me so I could at least dance for a few minutes to celebrate our wedding.
The staff at Searles Castle were awesome. They were so professional and polite. They went above and beyond the entire night. They brought me ginger-ale and crackers. They kept checking on me and apologizing so genuinely that I was sick. The bartenders were great to the guests as well.

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