5 Reasons to get Married on a Non-Saturday

Nov 20, 2023

He finally popped the question, and everyone keeps asking when your special day is going to be. Before picking the DJ and your favorite florist, you need to have a venue and wedding date set. Going through your calendar and seeing what date speaks to you, along with who can be available on what day, may seem like a daunting task. Most people expect weddings to be on a Saturday, in fact, looking at our own calendar, we had 27 weddings on Saturdays this past year. Even though most people expect a Saturday wedding, it is your day. You should have the freedom to choose what day you want. So why choose a non-Saturday. Let’s start with the obvious….

1. You’ll save money.

Not with just Searles Castle, but with many of your vendors, non-Saturdays are less expensive. Also, if you are choosing a date that is less than a year out, many vendors will negotiate pricing with you to sell the date. When you can save money on your vendors, you will have more options elsewhere, like a longer honeymoon or that late night snack that you know everyone will enjoy.

2. Your special date may not be a Saturday.

You have a particular date in mind. Whether it’s an anniversary, the date has significance, or you simply like the aesthetic of the date (the number of brides that inquired about 10/10/2020 was astounding!) sometimes your particular date doesn’t fall on a Saturday. At Searles Castle, we have weddings any day of the week. We have seen it all and know that Monday weddings are getting more and more popular each year.

3. Saturday will be free for more celebrations.

With a weekday wedding, you will have all day on Saturday for your post-wedding festivities. Extending the wedding celebration to entire weekends is becoming very popular right now, especially if you are flying in guests from all over the country. Having a nice get together for your guests, rehearsal, wedding day, and post wedding brunches are all the rage.

4. Almost everyone gets married on a Saturday.

Look at your closest friends. How many of them are planning a Saturday wedding? Saturdays tend to be a real competition at the venue you love (cough cough, Searles Castle!) Often, a Saturday date will be on more than one hold and will take a hot minute before it becomes available, if it ever does. Non-Saturdays have far less competition. And once you book your date with us, you can start getting all your other vendors in place, taking a lot of the pressure off much sooner.

5. You’ll be able to enjoy a more intimate wedding.

With a non-Saturday wedding, the guest count minimums are lower (100 as opposed to 125). And even going to a weekday wedding, the guest count minimums are down to 50. Celebrate your wedding with just those that are closest to you can make for a cozier and more intimate setting. There won’t be pressure to add Uncle Jimmy’s first wife’s half cousin, just so you can hit the guest count minimum.

Being open to choosing a non-Saturday wedding gives you the freedom of wedding planning back to you. There is a lot going on with wedding planning, don’t let the date of your wedding dictate your entire planning process. Go ahead, choose a non-Saturday, and let the wedding planning begin!

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